Italian designers Roberto and Cathy Nieddu are the creative force behind CRN Estates & Design, a company that specializes in architectural and interior design. The Nieddu’s have lived in India since 1993 and their many years of experience with furniture and textile design has lead them into the world  of designing beautiful spaces. Their love for traditional Indian architecture has been an important influence on their work, especially in India. A fusion of vintage and contemporary and east meets west has become their trademark.

Their knowledge of building furniture and incorporating antique architectural pieces into their projects such as restaurants, boutique hotels, stores and private homes has allowed them to express the importance of incorporating India’s rich past in a more contemporary setting.

With a team of dedicated people by their side they can offer their clients a multitude of expertise enabling them to provide a complete property management service.   This includes creating a new company for land purchase, construction and renovation works, acquisition of necessary permits and licenses, and the day to day running of affairs.  CRN Estates and Designs offers the perfect mix of specialties to realizing your dream.

Managing Director, Naresh Chauhan

Naresh Chauhan has been working with the Nieddu’s for 20 years and he is instrumental in driving their team of professionals to accomplish all of their goals.  Their long lasting relationship has made him wise to their ways of working and he makes sure that the company’s commitment to a higher standard of service and quality is maintained.